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Underlays cushion the carpet, help reduce sound from rooms above and give the carpet a luxurious feel,  foam ,felt, rubber, sponge, and different qualities in each, gives you quite a choice.Foam  is usually the cheapest around #1.50 a sq yard but a lot of customers have found it sticks to the floor and has gone to powder after a few years, felts can also be bought around this price but you can buy much dearer qualities for use in special situations and for use with certain carpets, sponge can also be a cheaper option, but we recommend a medium or good rubber underlay, its a major part of the cost of fitted carpets,but it does not usually wear out, saving you the expence of having to put new underlay  under a carpet that has worn much longer and better than you thought it would

                             WE RECOMEND
BALL AND YOUNG UNDERLAYS for all carpet situations, Why? because  we have never had a complaint on Ball and Youngs underlays yet,. its quality control is fantastic, we weigh our underlays from time to time and Ball and Young have always been up to standard,no missing rubber no hard patches, clear cut edges for perfect joining, no trouble,

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