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Do you really want a carpet in your kitchen I have seen so many people buy a kitchen carpet and then change it after a few months myself included.Their are specialist kitchen carpets like flotex that can be cleaned,also kitchen carpet tiles, these are quite pricey but very good, but if you have a family and the kitchen opens directly to the back yard it is surprising how much dirt you will bring in,and you will be constantly shampooing. Kitchen carpets I find are best if you live in a flat or are by yourself, if you live in a flat most of the dirt has left your footwear by the time you reach the kitchen, if you are on your own its not like a family traipsing in and out all day long come rain or shine

                       WE RECOMMEND

FLOTEX or KITCHEN CARPET TILES around 12 sq yard
STAINFREE TWIST stuck to the floor (no underlay) 6 sq yard
RUBBER BACKED LOOP PILE (not foam) around 4 per sq yard the rubber backing will give it the stability required when moving kitchen furniture around without having to stick the carpet to the floor all over

Ofcourse you could always if you have a large kitchen have half carpet and cushion floor where the majority of the dirt will be created(by the back door)

See our Gladiater carpet by Associated Weavers a plain tweedy loop pile stain free fibre, or one of our Roll Specials very reasonable

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