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Carpets for offices can be all prices, and at all price ranges they can wear equally well, you pay more for luxuriousness. A carpet in an office has to be hardwearing, people sit at their seats in the same area for long periods perhaps moving about on office chairs with castors, except in the luxurious class office carpets do not usually have a seperate underlay, this is because they wear much better stuck all over to the floor, if they were fitted with a seperate underlay castors on office chairs would gradually stretch the carpet causing bubbles in the carpet the castors then going over the bubbles they have created would soon make a hole in the carpet, for this reason if office carpet is not going to be stuck all over it is best to get one with a really heavy backing, carpet tiles are another option           

Our best buys are one of the many rolls of cord  or bonded carpet which we import from Belgium, this carpet is very hardwearing inexpensive and its what we have put down in our own shop

We have many types of carpet that can be used in offices most are stored in our containers please ask to view as you will get a good bargain if you find something suitable