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Rugs are a personal choice and anything from a slipmat to a superwashed chinese is included in the term, most people can judge for themselves,after looking around what is good value and what is not,in the dearer rugs it comes down once again to fibres and weight. most people will have heard of the rugs that go to auction or are sold for 1000s or even thousands of pounds seconhand, I am not including these rugs in this reference as I dont know anything about them, and people used to the internet can I am sure find reference elsewhere. with recently customers choosing to have a room in there house with laminated flooring usually they decide to cover it with a rug, my own choice is and I have got, a top grade chinese superwashed, and as it is these rugs which are hard for the novice to distinguish between the different qualities. With many cheaper Chinese rugs being sold in DIY sheds it is important that you know the difference in qualities 

A good chinese is a superwashed it is so thick and dense that you cant poke your finger through to the backing, it is carved and heavy. COME AND SEE PROPER CHINESE RUGS AT OUR INSTORE RUG SHOP