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Our 2011 sale continues during credit crunch

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Would you believe some shops charge massive amounts for Underlay Doorstrips Gripperod, Charge for this charge for that.

If you are having your Carpet fitted,ask the price of extras, at some stores they can cost more than the carpet itself

Don’t get fleeced in this years sales,if you are having a carpet fitted you have more to worry about than the price of the carpet a square metre,thats only good for comparing if you are a cash and carry customer,if you are having it fitted,below is an example of what extras are charged when a carpet is supplied and fitted

Based on an average Hall Stairs and Landing 5metre by 4metre requiring a good underlay 30 metres of gripperod and 6 doorstrips. One national store charges,

Delivery £35.00 Cutting charge £35.00and then a fitting charge as well 20square metres at £2.50= £50.00 Gripperod 30metres at £2.30=£69.00 6 doorstrips at £9.99=£59.94 then underlay they will try and sell their dearest at £9.99sq metre =£199.80

Total without the carpet=£448.74

We charge £10.00 delivery and cutting charge immediately saving you £60.00 and our total for the rest with a good quality Underlay say Ball and Young’s Cloud 9 £240.09

Total without the carpet=£250.09

And as even our lowest price underlay is still a Quality underlay suitable for Hall Stairs and Landings you could save even more

The above example is just an example Dont worry if your on a budget, our salespersons will be delighted,to go through lower priced options  as they are not on commision 

Prices checked 23/12/08 but it is still as true today

Massive reductions on all stock carpets, cushionfloor and laminate flooring,Plus buy a quality underlay at only £4.99

100s of roomsize remnants massive reductions

This page updated with The best of the bargains or new offers.last updated Saturday 4/1/11

For your complete piece of mind our sales staff are not on any commision or incentive to sell any of our products you can rest assured you are being told the truth

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